Hey, Mama

Someone once told us that rather than shop for jewelry, or any girlie thing for that matter, he'd take on the challenge of making sure Mom was technologically advanced instead--DVDs, digital cameras, you get the idea. The whole gift-buying thing befuddled him, and he had to somehow relate what he knew best to what she might want...and be able to operate. But Mother's Day is so much easier to figure out as long as you look at one thing everyone has in common. We all gotta eat. Even moms. That whole present purchase really isn't necessary since we've now decided we're taking Mom out for some vittles. The next issue, however, is which kind of food to treat her to. We'll break it down by types of mom.

The Chi-Chi: She dons pearls daily, likes you to "dress for dinner" and not once have you seen her shed a bead of sweat. She gets props for pulling off the perfect tea party, but let's get her out of the sitting room and into the park for the afternoon. The proper mother likes the proper tea, and the Lee Park and Arlington Hall Conservancy has all the fine fixings she'd expect. Mom gets her choice of 10 custom blended teas, fresh scones, tea sandwiches, pastries and (gasp!) a silver fountain of warm Belgian chocolate. Just remind her to take off her gloves before dipping into that chocolate stream and you'll be her favorite forever.

The Winer: No, we don't mean that she complains in the most irritating of tones. (C'mon, people! We'd never say that about anyone's mom but our own.) And don't get us wrong--she's no lush. This mother knows her bouquets, has the best swirling technique outside of a vineyard and can tell corked wine just by looking at it. But with work, the house and bailing her kids out of trouble, Mom doesn't get a lot of opportunities to really relish her wine in a relaxing atmosphere. Su Vino in Grapevine offers a special food and wine sampling for moms. The timing is right, since this is the one day they can let all those random problems deluge right into someone else's lap. Hors d'oeuvres by Sweet Memories are paired with Su Vino wines, and the winery even provides a little live music by Chuck Mabrey. Now the best part. If we had organized this by son/daughter financial status, this one would rank at No. 1. It's free.

The Foodie: She'll try anything once. She celebrates the anniversary of the day she first visited Central Market. She loves food--raw, comfort, exotic, downright weird. All of it. One look at Roy's menu (either the special prix fixe one or the regular menu), and she'll think you've found heaven. There's Portuguese sausage, curry-braised short rib on shrimp and sweet potato hash, and crab cakes Benedict. Don't even worry about dessert. By then she'll be in tears. Plus, this food-feisty mom loves good presentation (obvious by the way she criticizes Bobby Flay on his Iron Chef America plating techniques), and Roy's is known for gorgeous as well as tasty dishes.

So take her out and make her feel that bailing you out of jail, springing for your car's compressor and, well, having you in the first place were all good things to do. Do not mention the bad haircuts she gave you in elementary school, that shirt she made you wear for family portrait day or how thanks to that rager last night you haven't slept a wink before picking her up for this splendid day together. And, for heaven's sake, tell her you love her.

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Merritt Martin
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