H.O.G. Wild

We just won a war, the Fourth of July is rapidly approaching and so it follows that jingoism is in the air. Don't tread on me, folks. Feeling red, white and blue? Well, what could be more American than a Harley motorcycle? How about racing Harleys? Nah, you're right, too pedestrian. How about racing Harleys that are tricked out on nitro and go really, really fast and may even crash and maybe, if we're lucky, scar the rider for life? Yeah, now that's American. Well, patriots, you're in luck. The Texas Motorplex will host the All Harley Drag Racing Association from June 21 through June 22. There will be 16 classes of races over that stretch, including the Screamin' Eagle nitro Harleys. Admission is $40 for both days or $25 for one day. Children under 12 get in free, and Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) members will receive a $5 discount at the gate with valid H.O.G. card. Call 336-924-2095 or check for updates on www.ahdra.com. --John Gonzalez

They Shoot, They Score

After-school practice. Wind sprints. Shin splints. Hand-us-down uniforms. Sorry, stream of consciousness took over when word of the Second Annual High School Basketball Championship was released, but don't let dogged bitterness from this seat fool you. The ballers you'll see over the weekend at Texas Christian University are the cream of the crop, and will be having a blast competing to be called the best in the nation. Our opportunity to catch some live roundball is limited to a preliminary round, but we may see better play in the post here than anything out of the Mavs this season. Catch them while it's still for the love of the game. Visit www.and1.com. --Matt Hursh

Athletic Supporters

In big cities like New York or Los Angeles, the hot award-show ticket usually involves a movie star (Oscars), rock star (Grammys), Broadway star (Tonys) or all of the above (MTV Music Awards). Galas to honor athletes and sports broadcasters do exist but are usually good only for setting the entertainment bar so low that Spudd Webb couldn't limbo under it (ESPYs). In Dallas, though, sports are king--and queen, and court and court jester. Which makes the annual Dallas All Sports Association banquet (June 23 at the Fairmont Hotel) the closest thing we have to a real awards ceremony. To be fair, this year's crop of already-announced winners includes two of our favorite jock types: Dallas Stars coach Dave Tippett (Coach of the Year) didn't win the Stanley Cup, but it wasn't because of anything he did--or did not--do. Dirk Nowitzki (Pro Athlete of the Year) found that if you can score and rebound enough, nobody cares if you don't play defense. Spend the $150 for tickets if you want to applaud them, as we will do from the cheap seats. Call 972-868-1518. --Eric Celeste

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