Hoop Dreams

Just in case you live under a rock, or have somehow missed the giant building wraps and accompanying media frenzy (including the majority of this week's Dallas Observer, in case you haven't noticed), here's some news for you: ALL-STAR WEEKEND IS HERE. What does that mean exactly, you say? Well, for starters there are the official NBA events, including the All-Star Jam Session fan festival at the Dallas Convention Center, Thursday's opening night party with Mary J. Blige at the Majestic, Friday's Rookie Challenge (a battle between the best NBA rookies and second-year players) at the AAC, Saturday's three-point and slam dunk contests at the AAC, and finally, the biggest NBA All-Star game ever played Sunday at Cowboys Stadium. And that's not even counting the accompanying parties at various nightclubs, featuring appearances by a bevy of NBA Stars, B-list celebrities and practically every living rapper who's released a single since 1979. Seriously, the people putting these things together aren't picky--even Michael Vick is hosting one (I will personally donate $5 to the DJ who plays "Who Let the Dogs Out" at that particular shindig). So, yeah, it's kind of a big deal. Honestly, if you don't like basketball or celebrities, you might want to visit your local Redbox and hunker down for the weekend. But if you do, get ready to party. Visit nba.com/allstar2010 for tickets (at this point, you'll probably have to check some less official channels as well) and info; or check out this week's insert and dallasobserver.com for your party fix.
Feb. 11-14, 2010
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Noah W. Bailey
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