Hoop It Up

Even if your idea of hula-hooping gets stuck somewhere between the wrist and shoulder, consider giving the Full Circle Hoop Experience a whirl. Spin Cycle Hoop School calls this childhood flashback a "fitness revolution." Rightly so. It's about time someone took note of the physical, mental and social benefits of this swiveling hip exercise. Not only that, but it makes it look good for adults! The Full Circle Hoop Experience is a Saturday afternoon hooping event offering activities for beginners and expert hoopers. There are workshops with area hooping experts who are guaranteed to beat the pants off that pig-tailed brat who worked three hoops at once in elementary school. (Not that anyone is still bitter about it or anything.) This really is the full hooping experience: See a hooping showcase and hooping videos, shop at the hoop boutique and ask questions at the open hoop jam, all the while having a whole hooping lot of fun. Admission is $75 and registration begins at 11 a.m. Saturday at South Side on Lamar, register online at spincyclehoopschool.ning.com. While we're on childhood fitness flashbacks, two words: Skip-It. (Remember!?)
Sat., Aug. 21, 11 a.m., 2010
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Melissa Crowe
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