Hoop It Up

With only five home games left in the regular season, don't you think it's time you showed a little support to the most underappreciated professional sports team our city has? In case you missed it, we have a soccer team, and a good one at that. FC Dallas is one of the top teams in the MLS and is poised to head into playoffs once again. There was a huge turnout for the L.A. Galaxy game (you know, the one Beckham didn't even bother showing up for), but what about the rest of the season? This weekend our guys will be taking on Toronto FC, the newest expansion team in the league, and you have no excuse to not show up. We won out in last year's trade (we gave them our troublemaking midfielder Ronnie O'Brien and got defender Adrian Serioux in exchange), and now it's time for you to back a winning team in person. Grab the family and head up to Frisco, where you can nosh on some helotes and funnel cakes while you join the Hoops Nation as they rally on the boys in red when FC Dallas takes on Toronto FC 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Pizza Hut Park, 6000 Main St. Tickets are $16 to $45. Call 1-888-FCD-GOAL or visit fcdallas.net.
Sat., Sept. 8, 7:30 p.m.
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Jennifer Medina