Hot Dogs and Hooves

You can pretend all you want that you're still a kid—wear that messenger bag and pair of Chucks, keep the Mats cassette in the Honda Accord and say things like, "I'm only 27, man"—but adulthood officially begins when you rearrange your schedule to enjoy midweek holidays. Sure, you might get this Tuesday off from work, but at this point in your life, most real Independence Day celebrations—especially with the kids—require a weekend to plan out. Accept the reality of your life, bag of bones, and enjoy the holiday early at Saturday's July Fourth Sundowner at Fossil Rim. After meeting at the Lodge and Foothills Safari Camp at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, 2155 County Rd. 2008, Glen Rose, at 6 p.m., patrons will take shuttles to a sunset drive through the Rim's huge natural habitat, but not before enjoying a Fourth-themed BBQ with dessert (just remind the kids that none of the wild animals they will see during the safari drive were killed for the sake of the pre-journey dinner). Cost is $65 per person. Call 254-897-2960, ext. 651.
Sat., July 1, 6 p.m.
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sam Machkovech