Hot Flash, Stage Left

I'm going to wager that there aren't going to be a lot of men at Menopause: The Musical. It's a subject that makes them a little nervous anyway (like tampon commercials and yeast infections), and men just aren't into normalizing physiological changes in the same way as the ladies. I doubt Broadway will ever see the likes of The Enlarged Prostate Revue, and if it does, I'm fairly certain it wouldn't be large with the attendance. But put a show on about vaginas or hot flashes, and it's an instant hit. Obviously, women enjoy knowing that they share similar experiences with an auditorium full of their peers. The Vagina Monologues has benefited from this for years now, bringing women to their feet by embracing topics that were culturally verboten until recently. Now, Menopause: The Musical gives ladies in their 40s and 50s something to sing about as it sets topics like hot flashes, night sweats and post-menopausal sex to the tunes of popular baby boomer hits. For instance, Motown classic "My Girl" becomes "My Thighs," a lament about cellulite and an instant feminist affront. Gather your girlfriends and leave those mood swings behind for an evening at a performance through September 28 at the Eisemann Center, 2351 Performance Drive in Richardson. Tickets run $45 apiece and can be purchased by calling 972-744-4650. Visit for showtimes and more information.
Wednesdays-Sundays. Starts: July 25. Continues through Sept. 28, 2008
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Jennifer Elaine-Davis