Hot Topic

THU 12/30

A clothing line needs your wisdom. The Engines of Elk will release its first line December 30 at the Whisky Bar and, not only are you invited, but in addition to paying five bucks you're asked to bring your ideas to improve the clothes. Seems E of E--we use its initials because we're hip like that--thinks the best way to launch a clothing juggernaut is to have you help it. Literally. Give them your fashion tips. Why you'd want to do that is beyond us. Maybe you're hip like that. Or kind. Or bored. Whatever. The party starts at 9 p.m., and the Whisky Bar's at 1928 Greenville Ave. to further assist a needy cause. --Paul Kix

Looks Good Enough to Eat
MON 1/3

Maybe it's just my Catholic upbringing, but I don't think the seder meal is traditionally portrayed in neon green, canary yellow, eggplant and fuchsia. But that's how Dallas artist Debbie Richman sees it. Her paintings of daily life and Jewish holiday scenes are brightly colored, a little child-like with black lined objects placed in a flat landscape and very whimsical--again not what you'd expect in a painting about a bar mitzvah or Hanukkah. A few of her favorite things are oversized mugs of coffee and tea, perfectly unperfect eggs sunny side up, big goblets of swirling red wine and huge blocks of yellow cheese like Tom used to tempt Jerry with in the cartoons. Richman will introduce her art, and her love for wine and cheese, during a wine and cheese reception from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday for her new exhibit Escape... , which runs January 3 through February 14 at Kathleen's Art Café, 4424 W. Lovers Lane. Call 214-691-2355 or --Shannon Sutlief

Just Desserts
WED 1/5

Beyond the standoffish foreign policies and the general misconception of national snootiness, the real reason to hold a grudge against the French boils down to the fact that that their cuisine kicks all kinds of ass. Be it crpes on the sidewalk caf in a city with some actual character and history or raspberry tarts amidst the seclusion of rolling green hills, Frances food is so precise and sophisticated that you could frame a pastry and call it art. Accordingly, Sur La Table is offering a hands-on course on the subtleties of French desserts at 6 p.m. Wednesday, so for a mere $60 you can take the first steps to confectionery mastery. Terry Sugimoto, the chef de cuisine at Food Company, will be whipping up Napoleons, palmiers and pommes galette (thats apple pie) at this Sweet, Sweet France lesson, so if your pastry is plagued with lumps, prepare to have them ironed out. After all, whats worse than pastry gristle? Sur La Table is at 4527 Travis St. Call 214-219-3898 or visit to register.--Matt Hursh

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