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How Do We Keep Our Kids Fortified In Art? Join The Discussion, Tomorrow Night.

Arts education shouldn't be an elite luxury, but schools can barely afford chalk and teachers to push it around, so financing for those fundamental programs is dissolving. Plus, Mom and Dad are broke. Now forced to trade expensive cultural outings for more pocket-comforting activities like video games and television, parents are left wondering about the state of things. How do we get out of this debacle? How do we make sure that kids eat their artistic veggies when many can only afford, cheap trashy visual food? And if we are in an economic position to introduce children to the arts how do we do it in a palatable, well-rounded way?

These are the types of topics that will be tackled tomorrow night (Tuesday, March 27) during the Dallas Opera's "General Director's Roundtable." Yes, it sounds schmancy, like it should be held on the bow of a yacht. But it ain't. Titled "The Importance of Arts in Education," the roundtable takes place in the Nancy B. Hamon Hall within the Winspear Opera House and is completely open to the public -- even those of you who don't want to shake the Pringles crumbs out of your tracksuit before exiting your sedan.

Join in as big brains LeAnn Binfor, Zannie Voss and Dallas Opera General Director Keith Cerny pick apart those complicated questions and try to come up with positive, next-step decisions. The event will be moderated by Peter Simek, so don't get too rowdy when discussing children, the opera and politics. While anyone can attend, do RSVP. Either email [email protected] or call 214-443-1044.

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