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Hustle and Flow On 35mm, Get Your Game Back

It's hard out here for a pimp. By mid-week your hustle has slowed down to a shuffle and you can't get a handle on your flow. That stack of reports on your desk keeps getting more oppressive and your afternoon conference call is a wild card, like a trick who won't stay in line -- you'll have to show it the back of your hand. Something's gotta give. Man was never meant to live like this.

Before you go gettin' all salty and terse with your verse, or pinning that cubicle teardrop tattoo on your cheek bone, why don't you keep your game tight and buy tickets to Hustle and Flow on 35mm? The 2005 portrait of pimp/dealer DJay has become an emblematic tale of street struggle and ambition. Life changes for DJay when he gets his hands on a keyboard and rediscovers a musical passion -- soon, he's cutting a demo album and redirecting his hustle to the studio. But much like pimpin' and dealing, getting that tape into the hands of record promoters and radio stations is a game that operates on insider rules.

Get your flow back tonight at 7 p.m. at the Texas Theatre. Got too many deals going down to break away tonight? Hustle and Flow in 35mm will also screen on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Jamie Laughlin
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