I Mean, If You Like Fart Jokes...

Adam Sandler's movie career may have brought the world many horrible things that have been burned into our eyes with a branding iron but it did bring us something worthy of our attention like comedian Nick Swardson. He's a born storyteller with some seriously weird and strange experiences that are worth sharing like his first time at a seedy New York massage parlor or wanting to be a ninja even after he's presumably grown to a mature age. His act and style has a unique, deceptive edge. He sounds like just another comedian with some epic stories about drinking, partying and a love of fart jokes (he named one of his most famous comedy specials "Seriously, Who Farted?") but they are the smartest and most well-weaved fart jokes you'll ever hear. Swardson will step out on the stage of The Majestic Theatre (1925 Elm St.,) at 8 p.m.Thursday. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.com.
Thu., Oct. 30, 8 p.m., 2014
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