I Saw The Sign (And It Opened Up My Mind)

With the highly anticipated Dallas mayoral vote happening tomorrow, we all have had more than our fair share of campaign signs seen on every street and yard over the last few months. Former police chief David Kunkle's austere (if not fashionable) black and white signs break the the typical campaign sign mold, while Mike Rawlings' ad-savvy skyline inclusion sets his signs apart from the rest, and Ron Natinksy thinks a picture of himself is worth a thousand votes. Meanwhile, I can't say I've personally seen a sign for Mr. Okpa...

Speaking of signs unseen, here are some campaign signs we at The Mixmaster wished we would have spied around our neighborhoods, if at least for the sake of more interesting debates. Alas, you can still write in your favorite "candidate" of ours when you hit the polls tomorrow.

Tipping off this offering, we've got a certain playoff team owner whom we're sure would be a very popular contender if he were to choose to suddenly announce his candidacy. It's time for Dallas to overcome past struggles and finally become a championship city. Viva la Cuban revolution!

When it comes to Dallas politics, many often ask, "Where's the beef?" Well put this on your plate and eat it. Maybe it's time to think outside the bun and step up to a more tasteful option to lead our fair city, something we all can agree on/with.

It could be said that this candidate made an unforgettable impression on her constituents well before any of the other contenders. Probably the most controversial of those in the running, but what she lacks in City Hall experience, she certainly makes up for in, well, just about everything else. You won't find another candidate who will bare it all for her city.

Detroit may have been hoping for a statue of this bulletproof candidate, but our City Hall is in fact, the headquarters of Omni Consumer Products, the very folks responsible for giving us what could be the world's only infallible politician. Who better to protect us from big business infiltrating the lives of our citizens than Alex Murphy (another former cop and 1969 UNT alumnus).

Another local leader who has earned the love and respect of his fellow citizens just might be the right man to get this burg in shape, work as a team, and truly make Dallas a world-class city. He may have had some rough patches in his personal past, (what politician hasn't?), but

at least he comes with a built-in protégé.

Our last fantasy candidate isn't so much someone we'd necessarily vote for, but it sure would certainly be an interesting campaign period. With Laura giving out money for Texas libraries, and waiting for the coloring books to arrive for his library, we can only imagine that Dubya would want to reignite the the old campaign flame, especially with #44 getting all the attention these days. A former U.S president becoming mayor of a U.S, city might be unprecedented, but, we wouldn't put such a stategery past the Decider.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.