If You've Got the Coins, You Can Now Buy Tickets for the Next ScrewAttack Gaming Convention

The perennial gaming powerhouse ScrewAttack announced that they will hold another massive gaming-gasm in Dallas this summer, and you have your first chance to pick up your tickets.

The annual ScrewAttack Gaming Convention (SGC) will return to DFW on July 11-13 to the downtown Sheraton Hotel and the tickets for what's sure to be another massive collection of video game soaked brains and dignitaries have just gone on sale.

So far, there's no word on what exactly the ScrewAttack collective have in store for the fans who can afford to shell out $45 for a three-day entrance badge. Past conventions have featured appearances by notable game names such as Adam Sessler, James "The Angry Video Game Nerd" Rolfe and even the industry's public enemy number one Jack Thompson. The convention is also known for springing a few surprising firsts on fans by offering the public, playable previews of new games such as last year, when the crowd got its first look of the new Xbox One reboot of the classic two-on-two fighter Killer Instinct as part of the convention's annual Iron Man of Gaming tournament.

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