In the Ring


You can feel it. Its arrival is inevitable; its excitement unparalleled. It's the type of happening that reignites friendships and sparks creative impulses. It's a public statement, a mission affirmation with a triple-edged meaning. Is it accusatory, rhetorical or self-referential? Yes, making your very own "WHO FARTED?" sign for an upcoming World Wrestling Entertainment extravaganza is a process to be cherished. And while we certainly don't want to discourage the activity, we must let you know that Monday evening's WWE Smackdown! event at American Airlines Center is, unfortunately, not to be televised. This latest stop in Dallas is what is referred to as a "house show," one done strictly for local fans that focuses on current television story lines but isn't likely to forward any of them. That's bad for "WHO FARTED?" signage exposure, but good from a standpoint of a relaxed, yet still glossily professional, grappling environment. A majority of the stars from WWE's Thursday-night program will be here, which we hope will include champion (and El Paso's own) Eddy Guerrero. American Airlines Center is at 2500 Victory Ave. Call Ticketmaster at 214-373-8000. --Matt Hursh

Days of Thunder

Fort Worth: famous for cows. NASCAR: famous for loud noises. Who would have thought these contrasting worlds could peacefully coexist? Chevy Thunder in Sundance Square features live music and NASCAR driver appearances for families as well as country music and racing fans. It runs 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. April 2 and April 3. Admission is free. Visit --Mary Monigold

Stay, Don't Fetch

While other charities are content with raffles and car washes, DFW Humane Society dons embarrassing plaid pants and sweater vests at the annual Pars for Paws charity golf tournament to save animals in need. If you want to join them and are not afraid of bold fashion choices, come to the Great Southwest Golf Club at 612 Avenue J East, Grand Prairie, on April 6 for this shotgun-style tournament. There will be prizes for winners and lunch for all. Call 972-659-9666 or visit --Mary Monigold

Pedal to the Metal

There are two kinds of Dallas drivers: those who drive with a joyful sense of adventure and those who grip the wheel in white-knuckled terror. Ironically, the white-knuckled folks are often terrified because of the joyful adventurers--to whom lane markers are only suggestions and turn signals an archaic practice. Be you road warrior or be you modest motorist, get thee to Mazda Rev It Up at Lone Star Park, 1000 Lone Star Parkway, Grand Prairie, to hone your driving confidence at Mazda's performance driving school where, for $40, each participant attends three skills clinics followed by two timed and scored competitive runs. Plus, winners continue to national competition. Pre-register for the April 3 and April 4 event at --Michelle Martinez

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