Inflated Sentiments, Sculptures and Angst

Put on your good pair of pants, the ones that aren’t covered with Cheeto dust, then go undercover as Dallas’ highfalutin Design District opens its newest collection of shows. It’s a big night, with all of your favorite galleries uncorking bottles and showing off prized names before the summer heat settles in. There are a few shows you’ll want to hit up in this go-around, starting with the inflated sculptures of French artist Anne Ferrer at Red Arrow Contemporary (1130 Dragon, Suite 110). Titled Blow Up, Ferrer’s colorful fabric structures expand and contract as they breathe, morph and gently flirt their way through the room. Be warned: You will leave this show irrationally cheerful. Visit A few doors down at Circuit 12, you’ll get a break from the regularly scheduled programming for 12’s quad-annual tribute to Texas art, Regional Quarterly Volume 2 — Concrete Jungle. This offering, guest-curated by Justin Hunter Allen, brings local SCAB collective painters Joshua Von Ammon, Eli Walker and Allen himself together to reinterpret the 1955 film Blackboard Jungle as it relates to passions and frustrations of Dallas’ artists today. The tribal mayhem goes down at 1130 Dragon St., Suite 150. Visit Just off the main path is Galleri Urbane, where Susan O’ Malley’s new show, You Arrive My Life Begins, wants to have a sit down. Pure positivity, this text-based exhibition opens up phrases designed to make the viewer feel wanted and loved. But since a one-sided conversation about feelings helps no one, O’Malley has set up a voicemail hotline, where viewers may deposit their own sentiments. It’s entirely anonymous, so it doesn’t count as cheating, right? Galleri Urbane sits at 2277 Monitor St. Visit
Sat., May 18, 2013
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Jamie Laughlin
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