Is It The Right Way?

For those who grew up skanking through Sublime's records, here's a chance to do it in person...kind of. Sublime with Rome, the reincarnation of your Sublime youth, plays at the Center Wednesday. After the brief scuffle in 2009 with original Sublime frontman Brad Nowell's estate over the use of the name "Sublime," surviving members Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh, along with new singer Rome Ramirez, compromised and became "Sublime with Rome." It's a bulky title and induces borderline Almost Famous metaphors with 22-year-old Rome Ramirez at the mic, who was--let's face it--like, 8 when Nowell overdosed. Though Rome does a good job matching vocals with the original sound, something seems out of place. Do you close your eyes and pretend it's Brad singing "Santeria" and "Pawn Shop?" Eventually Rome could outshine his "replacement" status and the band might even record some new material. But then they'd be left with a bitter litigious title, forced to forever perform as Sublime with Rome. If a tribute band is all you're after, just remember there's Badfish and 40oz to Freedom. Decide for yourself. Sublime with Rome tickets start around $30. For more information, visit or
Wed., July 28, 2010
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Melissa Crowe
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