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It's Back. Oak Cliff Film Festival Announces Dates and Details for Its 2013 Sequel.

The Oak Cliff Film Fest leaked a little news this morning about its plans for a second installment in 2013, and it worked. We're excited.

Just a few months back, the group proved that there was, in fact, room for another cinematic celebration here in Dallas. And it did it in style by guiding us to historical sites throughout Oak Cliff to offer presentations, panels, Q&As, screenings, live bands, bike rides and even a music video competition. A palpable sense of community sprung from the experiment and it added a new focus on what Dallas has to offer, and its role within, the independent film market. Go ahead and note June 6 to 9 on your calendars, because they're doing it again. And this time, it'll be even bigger.

Celebs. Expansion. An increase in funding. Oak Cliff Film Fest is positioned to tackle larger territory on every front. I caught up with the fest's co-founder Eric Steel on his way out of Norma's Cafe, a potential 2013 panel location. He assured us there's room at the table for a few more seats, and we'll hear announcements continue up until the launch of Oak Cliff Film Fest, Part II, of exactly who secures a chair. Ten Bells Tavern has signed on for the action, and gastropub Nova might erect an outdoor screen -- co-owner Darren Scott has expressed an interest.

For year one, the OCFF focused on quality content, knowing that if they nailed that, they'd create a solid foundation for growth. They weren't prepared for the response. "I'll say this," notes Steel, "it was a surprise to everyone -- including ourselves -- that it was as successful as it was." But it makes sense that the weekend carried a natural fluidity: They've spent their whole lives preparing for it.

The crew of Aviation Cinemas, the fest's content curators and orchestrators, were born cinematically addicted. Among them, they've logged in decades of travel to film events, which proved essential when planning their own festival. They already knew what did and didn't work. "We'd all been thinking about this for so long," Steel says. "But even then we all knew that year two would be big, and that's where we'd really come into focus."

It was an accurate prediction. They've already doubled their sponsorships from last year, and there are still seven months remaining until the next set of laminates gets passed out. And while Steel can't reveal the top secret celebrity guest's name just yet, he teased us with this: "We're all so excited. He's my favorite filmmaker."

The group is also considering a collaboration with their favorite art house theaters' curators from across the country, to give Dallas a little look inside the projection rooms of other cinema boundary-pushers. Those programming additions won't come as a trade-off with your favorite activities from last year. In fact, they're only adding on. The crew is in talks to increase the amount of bands, music videos, experimental video art, shorts, silent film scores and every other thing that made the original fest so special.

We'll keep you updated on announcements as they're made public, including a Kickstarter campaign scheduled for March of 2013.

Here's the news release:

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