It's Electrifying

Your basic art exhibit finds people doing the requisite mill-and-pose in front of various works, mumbling about the pieces or nodding in agreement until they casually leave to go make fun of other attendees' clothing. It's all rather chichi and typically anticlimactic. Not so with Bytes and Pieces, an electronic media exhibition featuring works by Feng Mengbo and Galo Moncayo. Even the air in the University of North Texas Art Gallery is hyperactive. Mengbo's interactive "Ah-Q" plays host to a high-scoring competition February 15 (the piece is based on a videogame) and remains on exhibition along with Moncayo's installation, featuring "mechanical systems that bloom from simple actions into enveloping orchestrations," through March 25. While we're not exactly sure what that means, we're ecstatic about an art exhibit that will force the chic mill-and-posers to sustain their cool look in the presence of a DDR dance pad. The UNT Art Building is located on campus, one block west of Mulberry and Welch streets in Denton. Call 940-565-4005.
Sat., Feb. 18
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Merritt Martin
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