It’s Fat Saturday at The Kessler

Where ya at? Gris gris, ju ju and voodoo. Mardi Gras is coming to the Kessler, ya heard. They even get the name right — OCarnivale Masquerade Ball. Costumes are always encouraged and prizes will be awarded for the best dressed. Sequins, headdresses, feather boas, hot pants (for the fellas) and beads as far as the nipples can see. Three bands will be taking the stage: Down Davis (7:30 p.m.), Zydeco Blanco (8:30 p.m.) and Club Wood (10:15 p.m.). Keep in mind those are official New Orleans times and in the Big Easy punctuality isn’t really a thing. Food is included in the price of your ticket and all the Cajun traditions will be there — crawfish, spicy things, sausage, more spicy things and maybe a red bean or two. Wash it all down with a New Orleans-style Hurricane. They’re like 1,000 proof. Do watcha wanna from 7 p.m. until whenever you’ve had enough Saturday at The Kessler, 1230 W. Davis St. Tickets are $50. Visit
Sat., March 1, 7 p.m., 2014
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