It's Good To Be The King

If you ask Dad what he wants for Father's Day, he's going to tell you to save your cash and build your financial security. That's because he won't say what he really wants: falcons. Goddamn, flying creatures of prey that will swoop down during a staged battle and deliver notes with their mighty talons. Easy. Medieval Times has you covered. This weekend, Friday through Sunday, Dad gets dinner AND a tournament with one paid adult admission. You can flex your entry-level paycheck and throw $25 bones in for the additional package, if you really seek your father's adoration. That splurge gets you a photo of dad with a scroll, a knight's flag and beer in a souvenir stein (is there any other kind of stein?). Just use promo code DFWEB when you book that reservation at, or reference it when you call their awesome phone number 1-888-WE-JOUST. Medieval Times sits gloriously at 2021 N. Stemmons Freeway. If you miss it, you're an idiot. It's shaped like a giant castle. If money is no object, go plush. Platinum Motorcars will deliver a Ferrari, wrapped in a bow — just like on the television — to your dad's driveway along with passes to the Ennis Drive-In movie theater. It's a one-day rental that strangely assumes that if your dad had access to a Ferrari for 24 hours, he'd spend it parked, watching some crap movie rather than chasing tail all over town while blasting Frampton Comes Alive! This little package will run you — wait for it —$1,000. Visit, or call 469-374-9090.
June 15-17, 2012
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Jamie Laughlin
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