It's Pool Season: Why One-Piece Swimsuits Are Back

I think something happens when a girl reaches bikini age: We are so eager for that right of passage to skin-bearing that we see the one-piece suit as childish.

I gotta tell you, one-pieces are hot. Really hot. And our favorite swimwear designers have started to take notice again.

The style hasn't been properly embraced by the general public since the '80s when it was a natural extension to the leotard-wearing "let's get physical" work-out culture, and that's a damn shame. We've dipped back to that era in every other element of our wardrobes -- from blazers, and fringe boots to shredded up leggings -- so why not embrace the era's sexiest, most comfortable contribution to women's fashion: the one-piece? (But not the one-piece thong. That's a dark point in fashion history that's not to be resurrected.) Pair the suit with some high heels and sunglasses and you've got a movie star look that sets you apart from every other girl at Joule Pool.

Available at Neimen's for $151.00.

I could see Natalie Portman wearing this. Classic in design while still remaining seductive, this little number is glam glam glam. (Best of all, it converts the scarea of your upper thighs into something to be sought after.)

Available here for $180. Betsey Johnson, you got me again. How does she keep making clothes that are sooo girly without being saccharine? This swimsuit is so freaking cute that you won't want to wear a cover-up. It makes you wonder: is there such a thing waterproof false eye lashes? If so, please wear them and some espadrilles with this sassy water frock, then sit back and wait for boys to buy you drinks.

Available at Everything But Water for $156.00. Play up the Pucci influence of this water goddess ensemble for a fraction of the price of the real deal. Pair it with some gold shades, bangles and voluminous hair and you'll look great poolside at Revive or on a weekend getaway to Miami.

Everything But Water for $85.00. Are you kidding me? Pulling in the most pocket-friendly price tag, this suit begs for a convertible (preferably a white, 1966 Mustang, but leave your options open). And maybe a cute greaser boyfriend or two.

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Jamie Laughlin
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