Like a big pizza pie ...
Like a big pizza pie ...
Daniel Driensky

It's the Supermoon. Stay Calm, Everyone.

Dallas photographer Daniel Driensky caught this image of the "supermoon" rising above Reunion Tower over the weekend. A supermoon, also called a perigee moon, occurs when a full moon coincides with the moon's closest approach to Earth in its elliptical orbit.

NASA says the moon may appear somewhat larger and brighter than average when that happens, though it's hard to notice with the naked eye, and supermoons are regular occurrences.

The chief effects of supermoons are A) the media occasionally publish a lot a really nice pictures of the moon, and B) hordes Internet commenters get all frothy pointing out that the moon always looks bigger near the horizon and gawd-the-media-are-stupid-it's-just-the-moon-why-don't-you-report-something-important.

Because we thought the picture looked really cool, that's why.

For more images of the moon and other things, you can check out Drienksy's Instagram page at @dd_danieldriensky or his website.

The next supermoon is August 10.

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