Photographer Jason Janik Is Honoring Old 97's Through an Art Showcase
Mike Brooks

Photographer Jason Janik Is Honoring Old 97's Through an Art Showcase

Celebrating 25 years of the Dallas band Old 97’s, Jason Janik, a local photographer, will curate a visual history of the group from 6-9 p.m. April 13 at Kettle Art in Deep Ellum.  Beneath a Quarter Moon: 25 Years of Old 97's, will showcase photographs and artwork from past albums and media coverage, artwork inspired by the band and behind-the-scenes footage.

Janik has had a long history with Old 97’s. He has been photographing the band since the late '90s and has done artwork for one of lead singer Rhett Miller’s solo albums.

“I noticed this was the 25th anniversary of the band because they were formed in '93,” Janik says. “I thought, ‘This year we need to put together something to kind of honor that.’”

Janik wanted to give fans a new way to experience the Old 97's. He says the band is not like The Beatles or Rolling Stones, which have numerous books chronicling them visually.

“I started asking around who had images of the band because people already go and see them live,” Janik says. “But how many people have seen pictures of the band play at The Gingerman, you know, back in '93?”

He says he chose the Kettle because the owners are open-minded.

“If I’ve got a show that I think would benefit the community, the first people I usually talk to are Paula [Frank] and Frank [Campagna] because they’re very open to offering art shows that aren’t all stuffy,” Janik says.

Many of the pieces at Beneath a Quarter have never been shown in public.

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