J.D. Miller Wants to Find Paradise in Your Human Energy

Don't worry -- he doesn't need all your energy, just wants to borrow a little on Saturday night. Miller is gearing up for another live painting performance, and as an adherent of the Reflectionist School, he relies on painting in-the-moment, interacting with an audience and amping up from the excitement of the experience, all of which fosters and enriches his sculptured 3-D oil paintings.

Sounds a little like watching ... paint ... dry ...?

Nah. For Miller, painting is an all-encompassing transcendental experience, and his performances utilize color, smell, sound, movement and positive juju to get that paint off the palette, onto the canvas and into the third dimension. Painting becomes a party, and Miller works with alacrity and red-hot desire. He's inviting you to witness creation-en-scène tomorrow evening as part of his Wanderlust exhibition at Samuel Lynne Galleries. The opening party runs from 5 to 9, with Miller's performance going down from 6 to 7.

Focusing on tropical landscapes inspired by his travels throughout Central and South America, Miller's Wanderlust maintains his trademark bold lines and vivid hues while exploring the unique ways the "universe mirrors each of us" and promising to take "viewers to paradise lost."

Never ventured out to SLG? Miller formed the artistic conglomeration with local entrepreneur and painter Phillip Romano, and the capacious space houses four galleries, a 30-seat HD theater, and a full wine and espresso bar. At more than 11,000 square feet, it is one of the Design District's most unusual and intriguing spaces. And, boasting one of the city's most comprehensive and sophisticated websites, you can learn more about the dozen artists represented by SLG online in advance of Miller's performance.

RSVP by calling 214-965-9027 or emailing info@SamuelLynne.com.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.