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Jerry Springer Will Be Rad, Sing Elvis Songs, Tonight In Uptown

In a simply magical turn of fate, former talk show host and mayor of Cincinnati Jerry Springer will materialize in Uptown tonight to sing a collection of Elvis-exclusive songs.

We don't pretend to know how we got so lucky, but we suspect that someone hot-wired our wish-making machine, then drove it expertly off a ledge of fulfilled promises. The resulting fiery blaze of impossible dreams realized is this: Jerry Springer, in Uptown, singing Elvis songs.

Tonight, for Elvis' birthday, Springer will climb onto the stage of Big Al's McKinney Avenue Tavern and croon through that classically soulful songbook. Will there be a montage of Springer guests bludgeoning one another with chairs during his rendition of "Love Me Tender"?

If romance is real, I say, "Let it be so."

There's no cover for this night of wonder. Visit Al's Facebook page for more info.

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Jamie Laughlin
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