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After Jay and Silent Bob, I'm really glad you made this movie.

Totally, right? 'Cause what if I just kept making Jay and Bob? There's a moment, there's a danger where...

You're five minutes from turning the camera on yourself and jerking off?

Pretty much, right? Beware the filmmaker who looks down the barrel of the camera and sees himself on the other end. That's kind of a danger, I guess. But this one is kind of--at least it's not about me. But the weird thing is it's about my friend and his girlfriend.

There was a kid last night at the screening who yelled out, "Where are Jay and Silent Bob?" The 14-year-old kid.

Yeah, totally. My nightmare. When I was working on Jersey Girl, no matter what we were doing, I'd be having a great day, like, "This is wonderful stuff. I can't believe we're making this movie," and in the back of my mind there was always that 14-year-old boy going, "Where's Jay and Silent Bob?" And that's on the polite days.

As opposed to, "Where the fuck are Jay and Silent Bob?"

Exactly. "Where the fuck are Jay and Silent Bob?" Or, "Fucking sell-out." Or, "You've lost your balls." Shit like that.

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