Join The Wine Train

Where can you listen to live jazz, get loaded and get religion all in one place? OK, fine. Where, other than New Orleans, can you do all those things? Right. Seriously, now. Where can you do all those things that isn't New Orleans or Vegas (I still don't think Elvis chapels count as religion, but whatever). The answer is--and it just might be the last place you'd look--Grapevine. This weekend the city and Park Place Motorcars Bedford host the 17th annual New Vintage Wine & Gallery Trail. Guests can partake in two different jazz wine trains, the blessing of the vines, a gallery walk, art show and many, many tastings, and all within a short drive from home. Bourbon Street and the Vegas Strip? They're just too damn far away and require one to frequent buffets (never a good thing). Plus, this weekend, there's no gambling for a great time in Grapevine. For a complete schedule, along with pricing info and admission details, call 817-410-3185 or visit
April 17-18, 2009
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Merritt Martin
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