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Just In: Dave Chappelle Performs Tonight At House of Blues

House of Blues released word late last night that comedian Dave Chappelle will perform at 9 p.m. tonight, Monday, June 18. He's been popping up in venues across the south, surprising fans in Memphis and Little Rock last week. Now he's giving Dallas die-hards a shot at spontaneity with a secretly scheduled set.

Last minute performance announcements like this are rare, but so is Chappelle. After famously canceling his self-titled show when its fanbase grew unmanageably large in '06, Chappelle walked out on a $50 million contract. He has since appeared minimally and on his own terms. In July 2011 he was a major draw for Zo's Summer Groove, an annual South Florida charity event presented by ex-Miami Heat center Alonzo Mourning at the Fort Lauderdale Seminole Hard Rock. Allegedly offended by hecklers and distracted by fans recording his performance on their camera phones, Chappelle checked his text messages and scrolled his Twitter feed on stage, filibustering the remainder of his contracted set. He later issued a public apology.

Reviews of his most recent gigs have been overwhelmingly positive, so let's hope he's on a good run and that tonight we see Chappelle at his best.Tickets cost $52 before taxes and fees.

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Jamie Laughlin
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