Just Married

What exactly would one wear to a biker's wedding? Jeans and a tux shirt with the sleeves cut off? Suit pants and a "If You Can Read This, The Bitch Fell Off!" T-shirt? The answer might lie in J.C. Corcoran's new novel, The Biker's Wedding. This is no fun-filled romp, however, as Corcoran's bikers are out to raise hell in small-town Arizona, home to Tracey Dodd�a desert-hardened cop on a mission. (If that's not a great set-up for a series on TNT, I don't know what is.) The first volume of a trilogy about "how a cop's faith can be tested time and time again," Wedding also throws runaways and some state prison escapees into Dodd's formidable path. (If I were TNT, I'd get on the horn and make damn sure the narrator from The Big Lebowski and Kris Kristofferson aren't busy.) Corcoran signs The Biker's Wedding 2 p.m. Saturday at Borders, 1131 N. Burleson Blvd., in (you guessed it) Burleson. Call 817-739-8660.
Sat., Aug. 5, 2 p.m.
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