Kathy Griffin is Headed To Dallas. Maybe Bearing Lady Gaga Eggs?

Kathy Griffin will be performing in Dallas at The Majestic June 25th, so we caught up with her to ask her a few questions about her new tour, "Like A Boss."

Griffin says her act is ever-changing, “I still make fun of the celebrities that I’m friends with, and I make fun of the celebrities who hate me, and I make fun of the celebrities that don’t know who I am. I love doing stand-up more than anything. When I’m at The Majestic, it’s all new material, baby. So, I just want people to know, not unlike Caitlyn, if you thought you knew me—you don’t.”

And this show, "Like A Boss," is all-new. “I write all my own material, and I say that because, I don’t think people know a lot of comics don’t even write their own fucking act. I write all my own material, I’ve done 23 stand-up specials, and at The Majestic, it’s going to be all new.”

If you’re wondering if there will be any commentary about Caitlyn Jenner in her  act, fret not: “There’ll be two hours alone! I have been making fun of The Kardashians for years—it’s been year after year of watching them get their lips plumped— and now we really have something to keep up with. I love that Caityln is getting the last laugh. There is so much to talk about. And as you may know, I’ve been very immersed in the LGBTQIA2 community forever—gotta keep up with all the letters and numbers—and having met so many transgender people, I love the whole breadth of things we can talk about regarding Caitlyn. I love the first thing Bruce said when he was still Bruce and he sat down with Diane Sawyer, ‘One thing that’s so important in this process is that we keep our sense of humor.’ And I live that. I understand that. Every topic, you have to keep a sense of humor about.”

Recently, Griffin went to see Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett at The Hollywood Bowl. As you’d expect, weirdness followed. In the elevator after the show, “Lady Gaga hands Tony a box, hands me a box, and I’m thinking, ‘OK, what is this?’ and Lady Gaga says, ‘These are eggs. From my chickens. They’re organic.’ And I’m like, 'Alrighty! Of course!' And last night, I had a Lady Gaga omelet.”

And because we, The People of The Dallas Observer, are so connected to Dallas food and making sure that all of our visitors get the very best we have to offer, I wanted to make sure Griffin had a new Dallas hot-spot on her radar:

I have to ask, have you heard of Tallywackers (the new restaurant in Dallas that is a dudely answer to breastaurants), where male servers walk around in short shorts? How do you feel about the objectification of hot dudes?

"It’s about time. That’s how we’re fighting a lifetime of sexism. I’m all for it. I think they should be treated the way the women were treated on Mad Men. There should be maybe like a ten minute period where they have to put up with what women have been putting up with forever. And I dunno, I might go over there and do some illegal catcalling, “Woohoo! Take it off baby! Do fries come with that shake?”

To buy tickets to see Kathy Griffin's "Like A Boss"tour at The Majestic on June 25th, click here.

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