Kijjaa Means You Have a Video Game Console at Your Cubicle

Welcome to another edition of Geek-Offs, where you'll find the perfect distractions to help you muddle your way through hump day each week.

Technology's pretty awesome. It's allowed for advancement in just about every field, including, most importantly, the ability to goof off on the clock.

Taking the world of casual gaming to the next level and designed with the cubicle prisoner stuck in front of a monitor in mind, kijjaa! allows players to use both their iPhones and their computers in this simple and addictive game.

Complete with 8-bit graphics and a soundtrack that hearkens back to the day of actual arcades, kijjaa! is the perfect blend of old-school styling and modern technology.

A 3D Flash game that you control with your iPhone (there's a free lite version app available but we recommend you toss in your $.99 for the full version from the start), kijja! turns your iPhone into a Wiimote of sorts. It uses the built in accelerometer and gyroscope and allows you to navigate your way through the flying world, shoot enemies, avoid obstacles and gain extra heart power as you rack up the points.

On launch, you'll be given a code from your browser to enter in the app, and once you're connected you can tap away to your heart's content. The only downside is that you need to be in front of an actual computer, but seeing as how you're here now, that shouldn't be a problem, should it?

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