Last Chance To Attempt Skating on Klyde Warren's Ice Rink

This is it, people. This Sunday, February 2, is the last day the all-weather ice rink at Klyde Warren Park (2012 Woodall Rodgers Freeway) will be available for your horrible-at-ice-skating ass to fall down on it. For $5. Unless you bring your own skates, and then it's free. So bring roller skates for the whole family and save some major cash! "It's not real ice, why I gotta wear real ice skates!"

The forecast says it's gonna be Stupid Cold tonight (see chart), so you could go out there and freeze your face off and pretend it's Icepocalypse 2: The Reckoning, if you're into that.

Alternatively, you could wait until Friday, when it's going to be 72 degrees. If you work up a sweat doing all those triple lutz's, take off your pants and rub your junk on the cool, cool not-ice.

Whatever you do, definitely get out there and attempt to skate. It's winter. And ice skating on not-real-ice when it's 70 degrees and sunny is what winter is all about.

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