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Last-Minute Gift? We Got Your Back With the CADD Bus Tour

You forgot. And, even if you didn't, you're a self-important ass who has already cashed in all of your good will by referring that time to your spouse as the bang maid. You need to go big, and here's a way to pad that present for your favorite innamorata. Which, let's just say, is a synonym for "bang maid" that you might consider adopting permanently.

The Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas Bus Tour is gearing up for another ride around town on January 14, and a $50 ticket will get you up close and personal with some of our favorite local art, in addition to a catered lunch and a luxurious ride with other bon vivants. A DART bus, it is not.

Tour stops include three galleries, the home of architect and private collector, Gary Cunningham, and UT Dallas' artists' residency, Central Track, where you can observe artists scurrying about in their natural habitat. Of the galleries, you'll get to see the best of the budding Design District at Photographs Do Not Bend and Plush Gallery before sojourning over to old east Dallas to take a look at 500X, "Texas' oldest, artists run, cooperative gallery."

Seating is limited, so don't eff this up. This is the perfect opportunity to redeem a whole year's worth of egregious behavior by showing your partner you care ... about seeming as though you have real depth. Get tickets here and vastly improve the chances of your getting laid this holiday season.

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Brentney Hamilton