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Last Night, She Spoke: Amy Sedaris, Carol Burnett and Judy Blume

The trifecta of female role models just came through Dallas and Fort Worth, so we drew straws, traded the straws, traded them a few more times, wished we had time machines, and then set out in separate directions to spend the evening with some highly influential women. Here's what happened at Amy, Carol and Judy last night.

Amy Sedaris at the Kessler (Hunter Hauk) Comedians pace the stage, work with "material," land on pre-determined laugh lines. Amy Sedaris is no comedian. She's just damn funny. So the Strangers With Candy star and writer of absurdist lifestyle books didn't have to do anything scripted during her hour-long appearance on the Kessler stage.

She did a few silly craft demos with the aid of audience members, most of whom became victims of Sedaris' gentle jabs. Looking as cute as ever in a smart multicolored and patterned dress, she could get away with saying anything to people.

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