Laugh In Death's Face

Even foolish (read: Very Important) anti-holidays like Friday’ s can accidentally cause a cycle of “what ifs?” For many, the thought is “what do I want to be doing when everything ends?” Smoking that secret emergency cigarette? Maybe. Sex in an alley? Not after the ringworm incident. After ruling out the most deviant acts, we’re left with ones that simply make us happy, like side-splitting, gut-ripping laughter. Oh, and maybe a sandwich. I mean, I don’t want to die hungry — that was never the plan. Now what if I told you that you could stage precisely that scenario? All you need to do is buy a ticket to the 11 p.m. curtain for The End of the World Comedy Show, Friday at Pocket Sandwich Theatre (5400 Mockingbird Lane). Comedians Jason Young, Brent Thomas, Angi Ullrich, Dan Danzy, Richard Estrada and Joel Runnels, Seth Brock and Vince Quick will entertain until those dudes show up all lit on fire, riding mighty steeds demanding that you battle for your soul. The important thing, in that situation, is that you go out laughing. Tickets cost $12. Visit
Fri., Dec. 21, 2012
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Jamie Laughlin
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