Legs of Steel

To try a triathlon, go someplace else


Dallas isn't the greatest city to live in for a competitive triathlete. Being the landlocked wonder that we are you'd think we'd learn to take better care of our bodies of water. But no, the last person to actually swim in White Rock Lake is probably still down there somewhere stuck in the sludge. For a real triathlon you have to go up to Lake Lavon or to one of the training events at Lake Grapevine--there's nothing in Dallas proper. Occasionally they have triathlons at local pools, but those aren't real races, because the clock stops while you catch your breath and wait for an open lane. So the duathlon has become the local substitute for a triathlon, and now in its eighth year, the Two White Dogs Duathlon gets your legs running and pedaling. Who needs upper body strength anyway? It takes place Sunday at 7:30 a.m. at the Bath House Cultural Center, 521 E. Lawther Drive. Entry is $45 in advance and $50 race day. Call 214-821-0909 or visit www.thrustonracing.com. --Jay Webb

Feet First

The phrase "running like a girl" used to have negative implications. Not anymore. Running, jumping, diving or even swinging a golf club like a female are all positive attributes. And some nonprofit groups and philanthropists agree, including Girls on the Run which is devoted to teaching life skills through running. The Girls on the Run of DFW Charity Golf Tournament is helping raise funds to support its mission. The charity golf tournament starts at 8 a.m. August 4 at Eastern Hills Country Club, 300 S. Country Club Road, Garland. Admission is free; registration is $90 per individual or $320 per team. Visit www.girlsontherun.org or www.active.com. --Stephanie Durham

Ladies of the Lake

Hey, gorgeous. What's your name? Mona? Oh, woman, I like that. Listen, Mona, I could rap to you all night while staring at those beautiful brown pools of heaven that you call eyes, but I want to offer a decent proposal: Join me on a fantastic voyage. I have this 90-foot ship out at Lake Grapevine, and it's setting sail this Friday and Saturday night from the Gaylord Texan Resort, 1501 Gaylord Trail, Grapevine, with boat pick-ups at 7:15 p.m. We can chill in my barge for a coupla hours, get drinks at the cash bar, eat fresh-baked desserts and watch live entertainment, you and me. Sounds hot, right? But, uh, bring $39. And even though it's technically my boat, the cruise is a public event. But don't worry--all those strangers will just be jealous of how beautiful...Mona, don't walk away! At least call me about the cruise at 817-722-9444. --Sam Machkovech

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