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Let's Take a Minute to Objectify the Men of FC Dallas

When March Madness arrived this year, I needed a refresher course on how to fill in a bracket. Last Fall, local radio DJ Paul Slavens gave me my first lesson on Fantasy Football. It would be fair to say I don't know much about sports. But I'm learning. Today, for example, I took a course in the who's who of our local soccer team, FC Dallas. From the looks of it, this is my kind of sport.

Forward Blas Pérez With 23 goals in just three years on the team, I'm guessing this forward's motto is "score easy, score often."

Defender George John You play defense? On my college intramural team, I played defense. A graduate of the University of Washington and number 14, John fills his spare time with Greek dancing. Opa!

Midfielder Je-Vaughn Watson Watson came to us from Jamaica through Houston and has been playing soccer since the young age of 8 years old. And thank God, he brought his style with him. Where can we get a pair of those pants?

Defender Zach Loyd Wearing the number 17 on the field, Loyd has been on the team since 2010. And even though he hovers at the back of the field defending the home net, he's managed to score three goals. He was born in 1987 to a family of three boys, all of whom play soccer, and hopefully have that steamy glare.

Midfielder Kevin Acosta All right, this one's borderline creepy of me, because Acosta is only 18. But you have to admit he keeps the FC Dallas midfield stylish.

Defender Stephen Keel To stop the opponent's offense, Keel just swishes his hair.

Michel Does anybody else remember the golden years of the Dallas Sidekicks when they had the scoring machine, Tatu? I bring that up because Michel also has just one name and is much better looking than the Tatu I met as a child soccer player.

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