Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!

Thanks to a charmed roll of the 20-sided die, Dallas conjured up a one-night-only screening of Knights of Badassdom, a cinematic LARPing tale. The story is a touching one and the soundtrack is metal enough to inspire you to knock over a pinball arcade, buy a novelty sword or ask a fancy lady to open your “bag of holding.” Staged in a magical suburban forest, three live action role players are doing usual best friend things — acting out battles from the Middle Ages — when, wouldn’t you know it? Ancient seals get blown. Demons arise. Worldly salvation is jeopardized. (Ain’t that always the way?) Thursday night, you can go medieval on Oak Cliff, because Texas Theatre (231 W. Jefferson Blvd.) will show the thing and follow it up with a set by local LARP-metal band (a real thing) Hack and Slashers. Obviously, you’re buying a ticket to this. They’re $10. Visit
Thu., Jan. 23, 2014
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Jamie Laughlin
Contact: Jamie Laughlin