Like Crazy is a Little Like Life for Drake Doremus

Co-writer/director Drake Doremus is a bit of a film fest vet, having had most if not all of his features and shorts premiere at festivals. Two in fact at Sundance -- 2010's Douchebag and his latest, Like Crazy. But it was Crazy that earned Doremus one of the highest honors bestowed on a festival film -- the Grand Jury Prize in the Dramatic Category.

The film, starring Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones (who picked up the Sundance Special Jury Prize for Dramatic Acting) as two twenty-somethings brought together and torn apart over a long distance relationship, is a raw, relatable, and realistic look at love with a heartbreakingly honest portrayal of what it is to struggle as a couple. If you've ever been in a relationship (and who hasn't), then this one will yank the heartstrings.

I recently sat down with Drake -- who the Ritz must have confused for his rapping namesake because we were sitting in the Presidential Suite -- to discuss the semi-autobiographical Like Crazy, the film's improvisational style, the search for two young actors to create a chemistry, it's perfect mix tape of a soundtrack, and why modern day romance films are more idealistic than realistic. Oh, and of course we talked about our favorite colors and how that's psychologically telling of one's favorite Ninja Turtle.

It's all after the jump.

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