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Lonely Weave Seeks New Head

Hi, I'm a lonely weave. Maybe you saw me this weekend, laying all by myself on the sidewalk in front of 7-11. I thought the corner of S. Field and Commerce would be a nice place to meet that special someone, but alas, I'm still single with no head-shaped prospects on the horizon.

A little about me: I'm a brassy brown, non-gender specific weave of mid-grade synthetic quality, and I'm looking for someone who won't leave me on a street corner to fend for myself. I want stability.

Turn on's include: heads that don't get too sweaty; not being snatched; wide-tooth combs.

Turn off's include: bodies of water; being snatched (I can't stress that one enough); and windy days.

If you think you're the head for me, please come find me, comb me, and keep me forever.

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Jamie Laughlin
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