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Look At This Gorgeous Bench, Constructed Out Of Salvaged Items

I love this curvacious bench, which has its formal debutante reveal tonight on the corner of Pittman and Fort Worth Avenue at 7 p.m. It's a new piece of public art, meant to gussy up the exterior corner of Chicken Scratch's property, improving pedestrian conditions along the South Dallas strip.

Created by local artists Erik Glissman and Nicole Cullum Horn, the smooth structural innards are spined out of recycled cedar. The exterior shell, which is meant to give foot traffickers needed shade, is welded scraps of sheet metal. The end result is both architecturally inviting and just a little bit folksy, like modernizing a classic barn. Titled Mobius Bench, after the never-ending mathematical loop that influenced the bench's design, it's one in a growing series of public art pieces by the area beautification initiative, Spare Parts.

The use of re-purposed and up-cycled materials is a cornerstone of the project, which Spare Parts' overseeing organization, the Fort Worth Avenue Development Group, hopes will improve both the area's functional and aesthetic elements, while incorporating the existing feel of the neighborhood. The best part may be yet to come: just imagine how attractively this Mobius will rust with age.

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Jamie Laughlin
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