Look, Take In, Repeat

Tania Kaufmann is an amazingly focused artist with an incredible spirit. Or at least, she must be if we're to assume anything from her work. I've never actually met her, but damn, her pieces have captured me. A series of tiny expressive blocks. Little round forms with toothy grins that are so very relatable without being the slightest bit human. Several times I've tried to figure just how to steal away with a Kaufmann piece from the home of a friend who was lucky enough to snag something of hers. Kaufmann's work gets under your skin--in good ways, like those akin to hearing a tall tale so good it makes you wonder if it's true; and in creepy ways, like wondering if those inanimate objects might change their expressions only when you look at them. And the people at the Magnolia Gallery must know she's got that something as they've brought her back for a second solo exhibition (she's the only artist yet to show twice there). Her work, Repeat Repeat, is available for viewing and purchase during regular Magnolia Theatre hours through July 15. The Magnolia Theatre and Gallery is located in the West Village in Uptown. Visit landmarktheatres.com.
June 18-July 15, 2009
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Merritt Martin
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