This Pride Month, Lyft Offers Free Dallas Courthouse Rides to Everyone Who’s Getting Married

Lyft wants everyone to get married this month, and they're willing to drive you to the courthouse for free.
Lyft wants everyone to get married this month, and they're willing to drive you to the courthouse for free.
Mike Brooks
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Pride month may almost be over, but it’s not too late to make a grand gesture for that special someone. For those in the LGBTQ+ community ready to celebrate their love with the sanctity of marriage but lacking the gas money to do it, ride-share service Lyft will provide a $10 credit to get you to the courthouse.

Those who want to take advantage of Lyft’s offer need to act soon, because the promo code will expire at the end of June. The details of the promotion are simple: Anyone looking for a ride to the Dallas County Clerk’s Office through the remainder of June only need to enter the code DFWPRIDE19 and their trip will be free up to the cost of $10. If the ride costs $11, you will need to pay $1 out of pocket, but if that’s a deal-breaker to getting married ... maybe the right person is still out there waiting to be found.

On June 3, Lyft offered to fund any marriage licenses for couples applying at the Dallas County Clerk’s Office. For a two-hour window in the morning, Lyft paid the $81 marriage license fee, making the toaster your brother bought you for your wedding seem fairly thoughtless in comparison. Couples not able to attend the open invitation for free marriage licenses were offered the DFWPRIDE19 code as a way to make it to the clerk’s office on their own time.

For Aaron Fox, general manager for Lyft Texas, these efforts show that Lyft is supportive of all people, regardless of orientation.

“Lyft is proud to not only stand with the LGBTQ+ community this Pride month but also make a tangible pledge to show our commitment to love of all kinds,” Fox said in a statement. “Through our celebration of marriage, we hope to help Dallas continue to build an even more inclusive community for people of all backgrounds.”

Now there may be some confusion on this offer, as the open-ended nature of the promotion may leave some questions still unanswered. So let’s lightning-round a few.

Can I just put the code in and then choose another destination?
Probably, but then the promo code won’t work. So that’s your call. To have the DFWPRIDE19 code apply to your ride, you must select the Dallas County Clerk’s Office as the destination. If you want to get married at your granddad’s apple orchard or whatever, totally go for it, but Lyft isn’t paying for it. Think that’s not fair? Then go see what Uber is doing. Give them a shot with your free ride requests.

Do I have to be gay to use this offer?
No. You don’t have to be gay to do anything. How would Lyft even know? If any ride-share asks you your sexual orientation before the driver picks you up, delete it off your phone and then throw the phone away.

Do I need to get married to use the promo code?
No. There’s probably a lot of things you can do at the Dallas County Clerk’s Office that don’t involve getting married. Like settling a family court dispute, or things equally that fun.

Does Pride month mean I have to get married even if I don't want to?
No. What? Nooooo. I don’t even — what?

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