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Major Rager: The Anger Room Wants You To Destroy Stuff.

Dallas, you've allowed your rage to build up like an emotional credit report and now you've got to work through it. You could try therapy, but that requires effort and money. Oh, hey, why don't you just go into windowless room at an undisclosed location and smash a bunch of housewares with a bat? Or with the bottom half of a mannequin. Or anything else you can get your grubby little mitts on in the Anger Room.

Dallas' therapeutic wonderland of stress-relief through destruction, the Anger Room takes appointments via email and customizes a rage cage to your own, personal parameters. Once inside, well hell, just get it all out. Throw an out-dated television into a wall until it bleeds circuits like the Terminator. Kick that Ikea knock-off dresser apart like the Karate Kid and then chop it into sawdust with your fists.


I know what you're thinking, isn't all of this damage going to get expensive? Actually, it's surprisingly reasonable (Anger Room takes donations, which keeps costs down). Sessions range from a five-minute, $25 "I Need A Break" quickie, all the way up to a more elaborate "I just got divorced, foreclosed upon, and my dog broke my collection of commemorative Star Wars glasses" 25 minute session called "Total Demolition." That one costs $75.

According to the sites FAQ's, there are rules.

1.) Sorry pregnant women, we know that those emotional swings are beyond troubling but only one person is allowed in the anger room at a time. That counts whether it's your friend or your fetus.

2.) No pets.

3.) 18 and older only. Teens, smashing stuff is only an acceptable way for grown-ups to deal with conflict. You'll understand someday.

You don't have to desire a major rager to participate; the crew at Anger Room also designs spaces for the tender-hearted who would rather gently bat their problems away. According to AR's website, they can customize a room with balloons and inflatable punching bags, if that's more to your suiting. Oh, and if you're just looking to have a good time, they also book private parties. Get the details, book a session or just watch videos of people smashing stuff in an undisclosed location, go here.

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