Mardi Gras Takes Over the Gayborhood Saturday Night With A Block-Spanning Bash

Holy crap. You better go ahead and sew your liver an apology sling right now, because Saturday is going to be a major rager.

GayBingo has had Dallas by the weave for ten glorious years, so we know how packed the Rose Room will be when the hard partying Mardi Gras installment opens its doors at 5 p.m.. Jack up that hair and dress for jewel gathering, because "Fabulous Beads on the Bayou" is going to soil you up worse than Bourbon Street on a full moon. Moderated by drag divas Jenna Skyy and Patti le Plae Safe, GayBingo invites all of Dallas -- Gayborhood and beyond -- to sit down, lucky blotter in hand and try their luck at scoring big on old school paper score cards (no machines here, they would only distract from the spectacle).

When you've crinkled up your final bingo sheet and tossed it in the can, have a bevvie and fix your make up, because things are going to get wild later on. That's when the whole block -- Sue Ellen's, S4, The Rose Room and TMC -- turn that mother out for a Mardi Gras-themed bash benefiting AIDS Arms Dallas, our area's largest nonprofit outreach for HIV/AIDs testing and treatment assistance.

Get your swerve on at Sue Ellen's while vixen aerialist Amber Monson of performance troop Liquid Sky suspends solo overhead, twisting and unwinding herself in giant strips of fabric. They've got drink specials all night, so you'll be even more flummoxed by the two-story spectacle occurring above your dome piece. Not to be outdone by the ladies, S4 is offering a little daredevil viewing of its own as co-founder of Cirque Berzerk Neal Everett expresses his sky-high ambitions above the club's spaceship-lit dancefloor.

The Mining Company is advertising rump renderings and billing itself "Butt Sketch Headquarters," and JR's has your mind and body needs covered with psychic readings and skin painting. And of course, babes dames and honeys will shove themselves into tiny dresses and perform Mardi Gras sets over at the Rose Room.

Carnivale on Cedar Springs is so much better than actually going to Mardi Gras; your cash gets deposited in the coffers of a great cause, you won't get mugged and the streets don't smell like vomit. So doll up, roll deep and have a blast. See what's happening at your favorite club here.

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Jamie Laughlin
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