Mark Cuban's Doing a Google+ Hangout on Thursday. What Would You Ask Cubes?

This Thursday at 2 pm CST, Mark Cuban'll be hanging out on the intertubes. OK, fine, more specifics are needed: Cuban's holding a Google+ Hangout. What does that mean? It's means your computer box will become an interactive TV channel box. There'll be the opportunity to pose questions on Mark's Google+ page, and a lucky few folks are going to be able to jump on the line with Cubes. The topic? Google's PR tells us that Cubes will be focusing on his Landmark Theatre biz, as well as his role in the film industry.

We'll be along with more details, as well as embed of the actual stream (so you can follow along):

What's that? You've got something to say to Mark and wanna participate in the Google+ Hangout? Well then tell us: What would you, dear reader, ask Mark Cuban? We'd like to know because one of our readers may be able to jump on the line with Cuban. Throw your question for Cubes in the comments (make sure you're signed in to Disqus for emailing purposes, we want to be able to reach you), and you may be hearing from us...

Update 3:51 p.m.: You can also add questions to Mark's Google+ page for a chance to interact with Mark via Hangout.

You can stream Mark Cuban's Google+ Hangout right here:

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