Master of the Film Score James Newton Howard Performs Friday and Saturday

I want theme music.

More specifically, I want it composed by James Newton Howard.

His soundtracks brought empathy for a hardened street worker in Pretty Woman, caused our skin to chill and prickle in The Sixth Sense, and sent us shooting through Gotham in The Dark Night.

A true savant, Howard has been racking up accolades for more than 20 years. He's had so many Academy nods (eight), that it's been rumored that the Judging Powers sought medical attention for whiplash.

Eight nominations.

That's nearly double the amount accrued by Danny Elfman and Mark Mothersbaugh, combined.

So let's imagine how wonderful it would be if James Newton Howard composed your life's soundtrack.

You're at work toiling through reports. Your stapler is your only ally. There is no end in sight. You long for ... escape.

And then, poof!

Howard's pivotal piece from The Village, "The Gravel Road" rolls off you, like peaceful incense floating through a cathedral. Coworkers are suddenly synchronized, sliding in unison from the copier to the water cooler; their necks and arms roll gently down and up, like willow trees trapped in a slow-motion wind storm. Your paperwork flutters and takes flight. Jane from accounting has located the latch on the window and bends it open. Light and air gust in. Soon everything on your desk has levitated through the window and you slowly climb out, following freedom. You feel like you're seeing light for the first time. Thanks, James Newton Howard.

Which of Howard's works would be on your personal soundtrack? Remember that in addition to every Shyamalan thriller, he also penned the scores to: The Prince of Tides, The Fugitive, My Best Friend's Wedding, Wyatt Earp, One Fine Day, Primal Fear and pretty much any other film you can conjure.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.