May The Schwartz Be With You

Joan Rivers came to town a couple of weeks back with scads of projects to plug. Amidst her talk of the future, she oddly omitted discussion of the one big Hollywood gig that got her where she is today. Fortunately for you, your friends at the Observer and at Sundown at Granada do not suffer from selective IMDB amnesia. We’re honoring Rivers’ milestone role as the voice of C-3P0 knock-off Dot Matrix on Monday night, April Fool’s Day, with a special screening of the Bill Pullman and Mel Brooks classic, Spaceballs. Unarguably one of the greatest films in the history of arthouse cinema, ’balls gives us John Candy as Barf, the half-dog, half-man and all-party sidekick to Pullman’s ruggedly brave Lone Starr. We also get an air-chugging Rick Moranis, a Mercedes-driving Druish princess, a space mobster named Pizza the Hutt and a powerfully transformative cave-dweller named Yogurt. Yes, this movie has everything. Since you love it as we love it, we’re screening Spaceballs at 9 p.m. Monday and our passions run deep, so expect a few surprises like giveaways and drink specials. There will be prizes galore for winners of the diorama contest and Best Helmet contests. Really. They’re good. I’ve seen ’em. Visit and for more information, and get to Sundown (3520 Greenville Ave.) early, those seats go fast.
Mon., April 1, 2013
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Jamie Laughlin
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