Mayor Night Be Debatable

Frankly, considering the spotty history of our city's governmental affairs, it's a miracle anyone actually wants to be mayor of Dallas -- at times it seems like volunteering to helm the Titanic, only you get to make bets with other mayors whenever our sports teams make their respective finals and occasionally dedicate new exhibits at the zoo. This year, four brave souls have thrown their hats in the ring for Tom Leppert's former chair -- Ron Natinsky, who bears the unenviable burden of being a city councilperson not named Angela Hunt; former Pizza Hut-CEO Mike Rawlings, who brings a boatload of money and Citizens Council backing to the table; former beloved Dallas Police Chief and Vespa enthusiast David Kunkle; and Edward Okpa, the underdog Nigerian real estate appraiser who's hoping his third run's the charm. See them duke it out over Calatrava bridges, potholes and whatever else their moderator can throw at them when they debate 7 p.m. Thursday at Northaven United Methodist Church, 11211 Preston Road, in a special event brought to you by the Far North Dallas Democrats. Considering the dismal turnout in the last mayoral election, it's possible whoever sways the room their way will control at least 50 percent of the vote (all math is approximate; we're not Nate Silver or anything), so you won't want to miss it. Visit
Thu., April 28, 7 p.m., 2011
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Noah W. Bailey
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