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Meet the Frisco Man Sending Messages on Bananas

There’s a new “fun” business on your radar — one your mom will for sure bring up the next time you call her.

Like the great Gwen Stefani once said, “This shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S,” and boy, this shit really is bananas!

You remember that potato business we reported on back in August? Well, Bananas Gone Wild is essentially that but bananas instead. Are you keeping up? Do you have all your bananas in a row?

Davonte Wilson from Frisco got the idea for the business where you get most ideas for new businesses — at his current job, where he kept bringing bananas in to work. One co-worker drew a Yoda on the banana and from there, the idea went bananas. (We’re done. Maybe).

Wilson officially started the business in September and says most of the early buyers were co-workers, but he’s now receiving about 50 orders per day.

It costs $9.99 to ship a banana anonymously nationally or internationally. With those 10 bucks, you can add a message or a picture. Some add-ons, like a beard for your banana or a banana dipped in glitter, are a few extra dollars.

Wilson says he’s received some unique banana orders, like one with a beard and one with Chewbacca on it. But we think things could get more unique. Here are some of our suggestions:
  • I paid $10 for a banana!
  • Actual size
  • I clogged your toilet.
  • You owe me money.
  • I banged your sister.
  • I love you as much as Donald Trump hates Muslims.
  • Eat me.
  • Once I go black, I never come back.
Do you have something better? We're sure you do. Tweet us. Order one. Or don't. We don't care.

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